About Tutuwa Trading Enterprises

Project Management skills, professionalism and the expertise of the staff, the ability to adapt to Client change, requests, timeous completion of contracts and Client relationship during the actual execution period is one of the company’s strength.
Our local knowledge and contacts within the community provide an ideal support during the execution of any project. The knowledge of a wide range of official languages enables us to link the client and the community we work for.


  • The company’s vision is to be the best known & trusted supplier of quality of Electrical Construction, Transportation and General suppliers of various products in South Africa.
  • We aim to achieve this by striving for service excellence in all fields of works and by paying serious attention to details, i.e. making sure that the customer’s needs are understood before services can be executed.


  • We aim at developing better working strategies that includes product quality, customer care, projects that are completed in time, knowing our competitors in the market, bringing services offered at better affordable prices and hence achieving customer’s satisfaction.
  • We are also looking ahead in terms of getting accreditation with construction bodies concerning supply of quality products and or services that are well accepted by South Africans and even international community. This means we shall follow the guidelines from ISO 9001 in order to develop good quality management systems in the near future.


  • To reach out to Municipalities, Private entities and other Governmental departments whereby we can give assistance towards the workloads they may have.
  • To be known out there by other potential service providers/Clients where we can assist by offering professional help.
  • Add value to fellow unemployed South Africans by means of provision of job opportunities.
  • Increase number of skilled persons in our country through job-creation, placements as well as,
  • Deploying the unemployed and training them on extraordinary jobs that will automatically fill the skills gap amongst the communities in undeveloped areas where there is shortage of skills.

Our Clients

Advanced Access to Knowledge

Where needed the company can draw on the technical knowledge and staff of other consultants, with whom it is associated By this, means the company has access to the full spectrum of all our disciplines. The strength of the company primarily lies in its ability to access a wide range of disciplines, which enables us to deal with projects of any size and complexity.

Equity/ Women

We are an equal opportunity firm and we support the principles of affirmative action as borne out by our personnel composition. Although the composition of our firm still does not represent the population composition i.e. women and disabled, we aim to achieve that. We underwrite a policy of Employment equity and assistance to the previously disadvantaged communities. We are aiming to get more women into working out project that we will be awarded by different clients as a way of uplifting women potential our country.

Human Resource Development

Principals of TUTUWA have been involved in a number of projects and activities ranging from advising communities, education, awareness campaigns, training services to tutoring and mentoring of young professionals voluntarily from disadvantaged communities. Continuous on the job training is also given to all personnel.

CIDB Registration

We are registered with CIDB.
Reg no. 238841

Business Unit (Management)

Founding Member: Mr NJ Masala NDIP ELENG –PM-CESA


Our company has experienced professionals who have undertaken various types of projects in the line of design, project management, site supervision and quality checks. More information will be indicated on the staff Curriculum Vitae.